Adventures of a Single Mother, Part 1

13 Aug

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post on my new blog, Blessed Beyond Measure. I am entitling this post, Adventures of a Single Mom, Part 1 becuase I am a single mom! 🙂 I am so excited to be blogging! I really should have started this blog years ago. So much has happened since I became a single mother in 2002 that I could have written a book!
Being a single mom is definitely an adventure…it is extremely difficult at times and heartbreaking, but there are so many wonderful moments that I will cherish as well. Stephen, my son, is about to turn 8 years old in two weeks. I am amazed at where the time has gone. He was 7 months old when his father left and it has always pretty much just been the two of us. Over the last 7 years, I have cherished the time I have been able to spend with Stephen alone. It’s been a very precious time for our relationship. He is definitely my kid. He has my flair for the dramatic and my temperment. He looks like his dad, which isn’t a bad thing (his dad is a good looking man), but thankfully he didn’t get his dad’s big ears. LOL He also has his dad’s metabolism (a REALLY good thing), so he is tall and skinny and doesn’t have to fight the weight issues, which is really nice since it’s near to impossible to get him outdoors. He is very much into electronics, just like me and is not the outdoors type overall, though he does love to fish with his dad or swim in the lake.
Stephen also inherited my love of an adventure. Though we would love to travel to far off places, we cannot afford or have the time for that right now. So instead, we travel to Houston. He loves going to Houston becuase it means he gets to eat at the Rainforest Cafe, stay in a hotel, see the animals at the zoo and go to the museums and Space Center Houston. The picture in this blog was taken at the Downtown Aquarium in July of this year.
Stephen will be starting 3rd grade this year…can you believe it? We don’t know who is teacher is yet, but we should by the end of next week. He loves school…he may not tell you that, but he does.
Speaking of school…I have started classes again through the University of Phoenix Online. My major is Computer Informaiton Science: Multimedia and Visual Communication. If all goes according to plan, I will be able to complete my degree by the end of the year 2011! I am hoping to be able to work in the computer field prior to graduating so that I will have that much more experience under my belt and be that much closer to starting my own business.
Well, I guess that brings everyone up to date for now. I hope you enjoy this blog and the many more to follow!
God Bless!

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