Day in Houston

17 Aug

I spent Saturday, August 15th, in Houston doing two different things. The first: I got to visit with my brother whom I have not seen in about 12 years. Second: looking at furniture ideas for my boyfriend’s house (which was gutted due to the last hurricane).
A few weeks ago, my brother emailed me and told me he would be in Houston visiting with his dad for about two weeks. It just so happened to fall on the same weekend that my boyfriend and I were planning to go to Houston and Stephen would be at his dad’s house. Talk about timing. Because he flew in, I had to pick him up. I rented a car so my boyfriend could drive around Houston and not have to worry about being stuck one place all afternoon and drove to my brother’s dad’s house. When he opened the door, I was hit with how long it had been, how good he looked, and how much I missed him. He reached out and hugged me and said, “Oh my goodness.” It was one of those moments that you just stand there and you can’t seem to wrap your head around the fact that you are finally in that moment. We spent hours just talking and catching up. Going over what we have been doing for the last 12 years, how everyone else is doing and what our plans are for the future. It was one of those visits that you cherish for the rest of your life. When I dropped Jon off at his dad’s house and had to say goodbye, it was extremely hard. It took all I had not to cry. I didn’t want to let go when I hugged him. I lost count of how many times in that moment that either one of us said “I love you”. Once I left, I received the sweetest text that said, “I love you and today wuz awesome.” I finally broke down and cried.
I dropped my rental car back at the airport and got in the car with my boyfriend and just didn’t even really know what to say for a few minutes. Once I started talking to him about my visit with my brother, things came out in bits and pieces. I am sure it sounded completely jumbled, but he did a great job of keeping up with me. When my boyfriend and I reached the showroom where we were going to look at furniture and appliance ideas, I realized I left my phone in the rental car. I panicked. I tried to reach the rental company, but no one ever answered the phone. After we looked around, we drove back to the rental car place. I was still in a panic, praying that my phone was there. Thankfully, it was!
We took our time driving home and enjoying each other’s company and talking more about family, friends, and life. I enjoy those long drives when we go to and from Houston because we get to spend more time getting to know each other even better than we already do.
All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic weekend and I wouldn’t trade that time or the new memories for the world!

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