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Back to the Theater, Pt. 2

Well, I am not heading back to BCP until December when I will audition for Chicago. I so wanted to audition for Nuncrackers, but the math class I am in is kicking my butt and I knew this last weekend that I would not be able to pass that class and memorize a script at the same time. So, I will wait until December when Chicago auditions come up and (if I can get a part), I will do Chicago. That is the one show this season that I said, “if I don’t get to do any other shows, I HAVE to do Chicago.” More to come in December…

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Back to the Theater

Well, last week, Mom, Dad and I went and saw The Foreigner at Beaumont Community Players. It was a fantastic show! I knew that I missed being on stage, but I didn’t realize how very much I missed it until I went to the show. I cannot wait to be able to get back and do auditions and shows. There is just something about being on stage and putting on a show for others that just gets me going. It’s better than drugs let me tell you…a natural high. 🙂 The next show I can audition for is called Nuncrackers. Auditions are this month. It would be a good show to get my “feet wet” again and get back in the swing of things. But the show I really want is Chicago! We audition for that in December. I want to be Roxie…of course! It is a fantastic show and I bet it would be a whole lot of fun! The show after that is Brigadoon, so if I don’t get Chicago, I can always try for that. This is shaping up to be a great season for BCP.

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Ok, math…my arch-enemy! I was never good at math, even in high school. Math was my hardest class and therefore I hated math. Today, I started my next class with the University of Phoenix Online. Guess what it is…Introduction to Finite Mathematics. Of course, it had to be math. I started working on some of the work yesterday to get a jump start on this week. Let me just tell you that I realized very quickly why I hate math. The book gives you a good example of how to find the slope of a line that runs through two points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2). That’s the easy part…The first two questions on the homework show me two points. The next question, didn’t give me two point, but rather the first set of points and an equation. Of course, the book did not show me how to do it with an equation! I ended up calling my boyfriend who, bless his precious heart, was able to be very, very patient with me and help me through the problems. I am blessed he is so patient and understanding, cause it took quite a while. I am also blessed that Stephen is very good at math and that he loves math. I hope that it is always that way for him because I just don’t get it most of the time. It will be interesting too to see how we will graph things and such with this online class. Wish me luck!

Ok, addendum to this post…this math is kicking my butt!!! Like I said, it has been over 10 years since I have done math and now I am trying to jump right into equations and slopes and supply and demand…what have I gotten myself into??? Lord, help me! I feel so completely lost. I pick up the idea here and there and then all of sudden, they throw something else at me and I am completely lost again!!! I will be so very glad when this 5 weeks is over!!!

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