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06 Apr

Well, so far, April has been a very busy month and will continue to be so!

Rehearsals have been going on for several weeks now for Beaumont Community Player’s production of Brigadoon. I am playing the role of Kate and am in the chorus. To be honest, at this point I am not sure exactly what Kate does or if she even has any lines, however, I am just really glad to be back on stage. It’s a fantastic show and is shaping up very nicely. Also in the show are some old friends of mine…Blaine Gonzales (who I knew when he was very little and have not seen in many, many years) and Meredith Moore (who was a friend of my sister’s years ago when her dad was the pastor at our church). It’s nice to be able to see old friends and familiar faces. I have also made some new friends that I hope will last. The show will open on April 30th and will run for three weeks. Go to for tickets and show times.
On top of the every day (except Sunday) rehearsal schedule that we started this month, Stephen continues his Taekwondo and Tap classes. Taekwondo is every Tuesday and Thursday and Tap is on Wednesday nights. Stephen is doing fantastic in Taekwondo and would be able to test for his yellow belt, except that he has not actually been to 10 classes yet. The rule is that the students have to have taken at least 10 classes by the time they test and have to have all the stripes on their belt. He has earned all his stripes, but as of today will have only had 8 classes. He could have had 10, however, we have had to miss a few days (this Thursday included). I just really hope and pray that he is not upset and does not get too disappointed that he has to wait. I am going to double check with the teachers this afternoon to be absolutely sure before I tell him though. As for his tap class, he is SO CUTE!!! He is the only boy in the class and loving it! This year’s theme is Alice in Wonderland and Stephens tap class is doing the croquet scene and he is the “golfer” and the girls are the flamingos. His skill level in tap is increasing as well and I am so proud of him. His recital will be on May 29th in Silsbee.

The fair was in town this last two weeks. Stephen and I didn’t get to go until the very last day, Easter Sunday of all days, because our schedule was just too crazy. We were finally able to go and we had a great time. Stephen opted not to ride the rides this year, he chose to play games instead. Of course, that meant that I spent way too much money for a couple of stuffed toys that will last about two to three weeks before they are forgotten in the corner of his room. But with the fair coming only once a year and Stephen and I not being able to spend a whole lot of time outside of rehearsals and classes, I was more than willing to spend whatever I had to make the afternoon fun for him. Each year for the last two years, Stephen has chosen to paint his face up as Spiderman.

2008 –

2009 –

I assumed that he would choose it again this year. I was wrong…this time, here is what he chose…and I must say, he is absolutely precious and received many, many compliments on his choice as we walked around.

2010 –
Isn’t that too cute!! My little Dalmation.

As for the dog part of my title…well…yesterday, I received an email from my brother early in the day asking me when we got a dog, what Stephen named it and that he thought we were getting a small dog, not a big one. I thought he was messing with me; as he is very prone to do; however, after several emails and checking with my mother, I found out that he was indeed telling the truth. We had a dog, who looks to be a pit bull maybe, sitting on our porch. I figured for sure that by the time we got home, it would be gone…would have moved on to another house or maybe gone back home where it came from. However, when we got home after work yesterday (just in time to eat and change clothes before jetting off to rehearsal), sure enough, she was still there. She is very well behaved (didn’t jump up on us like a lot of strays might) and very sweet (just wanted attention…someone to pet her). She had no collar, however a lot of owners in our neighborhood don’t put collars on their dogs, so I am not sure if she is just lost or if she was dumped. Unfortunately, our road is famous for people dumping their pets. In fact, my neighbor across the street has about 3 or 4 right now that were all dumped and he couldn’t bear to leave them out on the street with no food. They come and go as they please, but he sees to it that they are fed and watered and so they stay around his place. I emailed a lady in Lumberton who deals a lot with strays and helping them find foster homes. Apparently they are mostly pit bulls the she find and so I figured she would be a good contact. I wanted to know if there was some place I needed to post that I found this dog just in case someone is actually looking for her. After we got home from rehearsal late last night, I put Stephen to bed and then went out to see the dog. I sat on my back porch and began petting her head. Immediately, she placed her paw in my hand and her head on my lap and didn’t move. Her paw stayed in my hand the entire time I was petting her; it was really precious. I don’t know if someone will claim her or not, but I guess if they don’t, then we may end up with an outside dog. I can’t bear to haul her off only to have the pound put her down because there is an over-flux of pit bulls being dropped off. Here is a picture of the sweet girl…Sorry if it’s a little fuzzy, but I was trying to take the picture through the door without her seeing me and getting up…

Well, I guess that is the update for today! May God bless you and keep you this week and always! Hope to see you at BCP when you come see Brigadoon!

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