Random Thoughts

15 Apr

I am finding that I am greatly enjoying this website design class I am in. Of course, this first class is basically just the “best practices” for website design, but I have to say that it is an interesting class so far. I am learning what should and should not be done on a website, about background and graphic choices, etc. And to add the icing to the cake…I have an A so far! The only reason I do not have a 100 right now is that a few points were taken off due to some errors in two of my papers! I am so excited!

On another note (like I said in the title…Random Thoughts), I am going to steal away this weekend with my son Stephen and enjoy some time in Houston. We will leave Saturday morning after I get my costume situated at rehearsal and head to Clearlake. Once we check in at the hotel, we will head over to the movies to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D, then to dinner and chilling out together in the hotel. Sunday we will head to Space Center Houston. Stephen has been asking to do this for a little while now and with our schedule we have been unable to. So, if you are a Facebook friend, look for more weekend pictures soon. If not, I will try to post one or two here on my blog for you to see all the fun we had!

Let’s see…got to have one more random thought process in my brain! LOL, I actually have about a million, but which one is worth sharing?

 Oh…got it! The puppy previously mentioned…We have decided to keep her. Stephen has named her Foxy Roxy (Roxy for short). She is actually extremely sweet and has stayed on our land without a problem. The only issue we have had is that she loves to go to my mothers house at night and howl for their (inside) dog to come out and play. So, in an attempt to keep everyone’s sanity (and to be able to keep Roxy) I have begun to put her on a chain at night. Ok, here’s the deal…this chain is 30 feet long so that she is able to get on the porch, walk around a good portion of hte yard or sleep under the porch. So, I chain her up two days ago before I leave for rehearsal (as I won’t be home until after 10pm) and when I get home, what do I find but the silly dog is tangled up in the walkway and wood. Last night, same deal…I come home and she is tangled up again. I untangle the poor thing and spend a few minutes petting her in an attempt to get her to stay on teh porch, however, at around 11pm (as I am finally falling asleep) and I hear her bark and run off the porch in what I can only assume is an attempt to catch one of the million rabbits that runs around our property. So, I just know she is tangled up again. Sure enough, when I leave this morning, she is even more tangled than I expected…this time she has gotten where she cannot move past hte post she is chained to! Thankfully, it was time for her to roam free. I am going to have to figure out some wya to keep her from getting so messed up out htere! Any suggestions are welcomed.

Oh! On another puppy note…a disgusting one I might add…TICKS!!! I hate ticks! I hate ticks worse than I hate touching people’s feet and if any of you know me really well, you know how much I have touching people’s feet! Roxy had a tick yesterday! So I flip out and scrounge for a pair of gloves and the nail polish remover. I soak the stupid thing for a good minute and a half while Roxy shakes, apparently understanding I am about to pull this thing out of her. I then go to pull the tick off and miss the head! As if I wasn’t freaked out enough, now I have to dig for the head!!!! GROSS!!! She’s all better now, but I am not sure I am! I am traumatized! Ticks are nasty little creatures and I have no idea why God made them! One of those questions I will be asking as soon as I get to heaven!

All right, I guess that’s all the randomness I can dish for one day. Thanks for following my crazy life!

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