19 Apr

So, I finally figured out why the dog was dropped off…she PREGNANT!!! Since she has stayed at our house for the last two weeks, we decided we would keep her. So, Friday we took her to the vet. Immediately he spent a little longer than I would have liked on feeling her stomach. In my head, I was thinking, “Oh crap! He’s gonna tell me she’s pregnant, I just know it!” Sure enough, he brought in the ultrasound machine and said, “Yep, there’s a heartbeat. And I’m guessing she’s about two weeks from delivering.” WHAT?!?!?! My head was spinning! On the one I was thinking, who would drop off a pregnant dog in a heavily wooded area, not knowing if she would be taken care of or not. How cruel is that? On the other hand, I was thinking, wow, seriously? I have a pregnant dog now? Oh my goodness! I’m finally starting to settle into it. I will keep her, of course, and will help her get those puppies weaned. Then, when the babies start eating on their own, we will be getting rid of puppies. We might keep one and I think my sister and her family might take one, but then the rest will be up for grabs. We don’t know how many she will have yet, but we will let you know. Oh, we have been told that she is a Pit Mix, but she is extremely docile.

So, here we are, waiting on puppies to be born, right at the same time that we are opening Brigadoon! I just hope she doesn’t go into labor when I am not here, but, if she does, she will be fine. Dogs have been having babies without humans for many, many years.

Here’s to Foxy Roxy!!

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