What a Day!

20 Apr

Do you ever have one of those days that you have to laugh at yourself or just pack it up, go home and go back to bed? Yesterday was one of those days!

I had a fabulous hair day on Sunday. Usually, when those hair days come around, I can count on a decent hair day the next day. So, I woke up yesterday, just knowing that I would either be able to wear my hair down or at least partially down. I go into the bathroom to fix my hair, only to realize that I must have sweat some good buckets last night because my hair was not going anywhere but up. So, I pull it up and lean over the sink, wash my bangs (yes, I wash just my bangs when the need arises), fix them and head to my room.

On to the clothes…Sunday night, I chose one of my favorite dresses to wear to work. Now, if you know me well, you know that I do not usually pick my clothes the night before as I am prone to change my mind 5 times before I actually get dressed. So, the fact that I still wanted to wear this dress Monday morning was a good thing. I put on my hose, my dress, and my 2 inch black patent leather shoes (from Target of course), finish our morning routine and head out the door.

About an hour into work I look down and realize that my hose have a runner. Thankfully the runner isn’t too noticeable, so I keep the hose on. I go about my morning and then head off to lunch. At lunch, I am talking to a friend who says she loves my shoes. I look down and realize that my shoes are busted…not your typical scuffs on the heels; not even the heel breaking off…oh no, that’s too normal for my life. My shoes have splits in the sides.
Ok, so at this point, I have a runner in my hose and my shoes are split on the sides.

After lunch I make a restroom stop only to realize that maybe I should skip about 20 meals or so…my hose (which, if you remember, already have a run in them) are now rolling under my belly fat! So far, I can’t catch a break!

The afternoon was, thankfully, rather uneventful. I got off work, returned something at Target, bought my stage makeup, drove home, fed Stephen, took a quick shower. While I was running around getting things done, my dad offered to keep Stephen while I went to rehearsal (normally I bring him with me), for which I was utterly grateful! It looked like my day was picking up! Had a good rehearsal and a lot of laughs…Go Plaid Blur! Came home, picked up Stephen and went home to bed.
Then, I woke up…Dudududum…Woke up a little later than I would have liked but not late. Got everything running smoothly and on time then went to look for Stephen’s folder (which, naturally, contains his homework and a page I have to sign). Couldn’t find it!!! I am 90% sure I brought it in the house last night after I deposited an already sleeping Stephen in bed. So, we take an extra 15 minutes to look for it. I scoured the place, as best I can in 15 min., only I still can’t find it! We had no choice but to leave or I would have been late for work. So, I wrote a note to the teacher explaining why he didn’t have it and that it was totally all my fault and not Stephens as he was asleep when I picked up the folder last night. I can only pray that she will not keep him in from recess (as is the usual punishment for forgetting homework) because it was my fault and not his.

To quote a lyric in Brigadoon…”What a day this has been…” Though I guess I would really have to say, what a couple of days this has been. So, now I sit here, very tired, trying to get into the swing of things. What a way to start the week….Time to CHOOSE to be in a good mood!

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