Puppies, Rehearsals and Pigs?

26 Apr

Well, it’s been one of those weekends…waiting on puppies to be born! Just when I think we might be going into the labor stage, she relaxes and hangs on that much longer. I am going crazy! She is just chillin out, enjoying now being an inside dog and getting to sleep on a blanket in my room. Ok, let me just say, I am not a patient person. I hate waiting in line to checkout, I hate waiting in the fast food line, I hate being behind other cars on the road. I am definitely not patient…so, this waiting for puppies thing is driving me insane! And, of course, I’m not sleeping well. I have tossed and turned the last three nights just waiting for her to deliver only to have her be perfectly fine and to have me be extremely tired and in dire need of coffee the next day. I know we are almost there as she is breathing heavier, sleeping more and eating less. So, I’m hanging in here.

Rehearsals are shaping up and we are in the home stretch. Brigadoon, at Beaumont Community Players, opens this Friday at 7:30pm at our theater on Laurel in Beaumont, TX. Tonight we start dry tech rehearsals. All that means is that the tech crew will begin to figure out the light settings, etc. We also start rehearsing with costumes this week, which is always intersting as we are still getting them together until usually teh last night, and even then, we are duct-taping and pinning at each show becuase we stepped on a petticoat or something. It’s always intersting adn fun backstage during shows! I have gotten some great pictures and will share some of them with you soon (if you aren’t a friend of mine on Facebook and haven’t already seen them).

Finally…Pigs?? Saturday was the last rehearsal that Stephen will be at (other than 1 brush up rehearsal). Becuase it was a full rehearsal (we ran the full show), I had him out in the lobby playing most of the morning. It turned out that he did a really sweet thing and began helping some of the ladies who were cleaning up the costume room. He was extremely helpful and as a result…they kind of let him play for a few minutes…

My son, the pig! He’s now our unofficial mascot! He giggled so much over this costume and everyone thought it was absolutely hilarious! The costume director said that he picked it out himself and they told him he could wear it! I love my boy!!

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