30 Apr

You know, I am sitting here thinking about my life and the path I have been on. It’s not been easy, it’s not been pretty…in fact, truth be told, it’s been really tough. I’ve had things happen to me that have shaped how I saw things, I’ve had people really hurt me, I’ve made some really bad decisions, and I’ve really hurt myself…not to mention my family, especially my son. So, when I see friends of mine make decisions that cause their life to follow along the same path that I did, I worry and hurt for them. I see the path they are heading down and am powerless to stop them. I can (and do) tell them where I have come from and tell them how I want better for them. I beg them to hear my words and my pain and to see the long time consequences that not only I suffer, but my son suffers and ask that they take a very hard look at all of that and make better decisions than I did. My life isn’t bad now, in fact, it’s pretty wonderful all things considered. I have a house that has my name on it, I have a car that is almost paid for and gets me to and from the places I need to go in good safety. I have a son whom I adore and is honestly the reason I am here today. I have a good job, money to buy food, clothes, toys, go on trips to Houston; I have a good life. I’m happy in my life, but I still have to deal with the past every day. I still feel the past…when I look at my son and know that he won’t have his dad in our home ever again and how that hurts him…when I go to bed at night and there is no one to talk to…I still have to deal with it. I want better for my friends. I want them to not face the consequences that are coming if they make the same choices I do. I want them to see the truth, the things we don’t normally talk about because we have to put on a happy face in this world. So, when I see a friend headed down a path I know (based on experience) is destined for failure, I talk…I share these things in detail. And though I know they will choose whatever they want with little thought to what I have said, I feel it needs to be said. I feel it is my responsibility as a Christian to share what I have gone through to help others.
Let me implore you to do the same. If you see a friend going through a hard time or making a decision that could hurt them…don’t stand by and watch. Please, please, please, say what needs to be said (in a loving, Godly way) so that maybe, just maybe they will listen. If they don’t listen, don’t give up on them. Be there when the crap hits the fan. Be ready to help them without condemnation…without “I told you so’s”. After all, isn’t that what Christ called us to?

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