Web Design

12 May

Ok, so I am loving this web class! We are learning HTML, which is a whole lot easier than I thought it would be. The key, and my only problem, is making sure that everything is typed in the correct order and there are no “misspellings”. For example, I had a fabulous page put together…made a screen shot, showed it to my mom and was told that she loved it…then I put it through the validation site…13 errors!!! Ouch, I am basically going to have to start over. The reason behind starting over is because I do not yet understand what they are saying when they show me the erorrs…I don’t understand how to fix it when it looks like I did it right. So, I am running through the tutorials again and then I will try to get the page running again. Hopefully I will get it right this time as the first page is due Monday and will be the basis for all other pages that I will incorporate into this mock site.
I am very much looking forward to getting better and better so that I can do websites for other people. The goal is to make this website into a site for a friend of mine who has a photography business. If he likes the site, then I will put it in my “portfolio” and try to gather some new business. I like the idea of putting together photographer’s sites, though I am not opposed to any site so long as I can make a living at it!

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