25 Jun
Vacation @ Rio Lago Ranch
June 2010
Well, we just got back from our family vacation this last Friday. We had planned to go to Destin, FL this year, but with the oil spill in the gulf and a few reports of stray tar balls washing ashore, we just didn’t want to chance it. Our luck would have been that we would have made it to Destin then the oil would have come ashore before we even got a chance to enjoy the beach. So, we chose a place near Sugarland that is called Rio Lago Ranch. The Ranch has 2 houses that sit far apart from each other on something like 200 acres of land. We had 4 bedrooms, 2 alcove bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Everyone had a space to be. The house had a game room with a pool table (this is where the alcove bedrooms were), a ping pong table outside, a nice pool and a nice size pond/lake. The house was slightly older than the pictures on the site showed and really could have used some new dishes, silverware and pots and pans, but it was clean and big and served our purposes for the week. It was very nice to sleep late, lounge around all day, swim whenever we wanted and take naps! I haven’t had a nap in a very long time so it was really nice! 
The kids spent almost all of their time swimming, as you can see from Addison’s cheeks. 🙂 They so enjoyed it. Stephen swam a lot but spent a lot of time playing his DS (boys!) and playing with all his other toys. But you know, Stephen is a go-go-go kind of kid. His ideal vacation would probably be to always be going somewhere and doing something. I think that is one of the big reasons he likes Houston so much. 
One of the funniest things that went on during our week away were the Ping Pong games! Who knew my mother was the Ping Pong queen of our family!!
Mom played everyone and almost every game she won! I refused to play her…it was bad enough I lost to my sister…But, we had a whole lot of fun watching mom play. Even Tex got in on the action by rolling a golf ball and a soccer ball across the table. He won in that game!
And then there was Incredible Pizza. Think Chuck E. Cheese but soooooo much better! This place is owned by Christians so all the games and music were clean. It has 4 or 5 different rooms where you could eat ranging from a movie room with a big screen TV playing the Chipmunk movie to a 1950’s Grease style gym. You can purchase a card that you swipe in almost all the games that allows you to play for something like an hour and a half. Stephen got tons of tickets playing games (well, truth be told, having me play the games for him) and was able to get several prizes, including one for Addison and one for Moises. Check out all the fun pictures.
All in all, it was a great week! The best part for me was relaxing completely and being with my family!
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