And My Heart Broke…

06 Jul

When you are a parent, especially a mom, your heart rejoices with, sings with, cries with, and breaks for your children. They are your world and your heart goes out to them every single time something happens, good or bad. I just ran across this poem that describes mother’s love…

Mother’s Love

by Angel Watchin
You wiped away many tears,
And even calmed many fears.

You have kissed all sorts of parts,
You even somehow healed broken hearts.

You gave your love without a second thought,
You gave lectures when our mistakes you caught.

But you also gave hugs for no reason at all,
You held us tight whenever a tear would fall.

You gave us the courage to walk alone,
You gave us the love of a real home.

You endured many things just for our sake,
Your love was genuine so much love would be hard to fake.

You are truly a gift from God above,
Only He could’ve made you with that much love

Well, yesterday my son, Stephen came home from a weekend at his dad’s house. His dad had been out of town for about four months straight and had spent the weekend before and the fourth of July weekend together. He will then go out of town for another month (give or take) before he is back for a good chunk of time (at least that is what the job tells him). Stephen had spent the weekend in the sun and on the water where they had gone swimming, rode in the boat and spent a lot of time on the jet skis. As a result, Stephen was already tired. To add to the sleepiness, Stephen was acutely feeling the distance between him and his father and he began to cry. Now, after most visits with his dad, he comes home and ends up crying for a few minutes. I have learned to try to distract him and get his mind on other things. My heart always hurts for him, but yesterday, it was especially hard. The second I saw Stephen standing at the front door with his dad standing behind him, I could see his face fall. He was already sad and he hadn’t even said goodbye yet.

…And my heart broke…

My precious little boy, who had had to go through so much for someone so young; who has had to deal with severe ADHD and other emotional issues, was now hurting, yet again, that he wouldn’t see his dad for a while. I feel the pain everytime he does. I know he’s hurting. I know how much he misses his dad and how much (as any kid would) he wishes his dad and I were still together. I wish I could have made his dreams a reality. I wish we could have worked it out for our son’s sake. But we couldn’t…we didn’t. We created a hole in our child’s life that he is now struggling to deal with.

…And my heart breaks…

I love my boy more than life itself and I am praying that God will help him heal from this and learn to deal with this. It won’t make it any easier when his dad drops him off and he doesn’t get to see him for months at a time, but maybe Stephen will learn to cope better.

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