Wedding and A Soldier

12 Jul

This weekend was my cousin Daphryne’s wedding. It was a beautiful event and she married the perfect man for her! The wedding took place at a place in Weatherford, TX called Clark Gardens. It was a beautiful ceremony! It had been raining all weekend and didn’t look like it would let up. The day of the wedding, it was raining a little bit but the wedding party didn’t let it faze them! Instead of switching to the tent, they chose to stay outside and have the wedding they had dreamed of. I am so happy for my cousin. She has waited a long time for her Prince Charming to come her way. They are now settled into the Atalntis resort in the Bahamas and I am sure they are having a blast!

A Soldier
Last week I joined a program called Adopt a Soldier. Friday I received his information. I cannot give you my soldier’s name or his location, but I can say that I am excited to be able to encourage a soldier in this way. To let him know that there are people here who care about him and what he is doing. I was able to email him today and almost immediately heard back from him. He has been in the Army for 9 years and is serving overseas at this time. Please pray for him and his family and pray for all those soldiers who are serving to keep our country safe and to keep us free!
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