Haircuts, Busy Weekends, and Sunday Services

19 Jul

Well, this weekend has been interesting to say the least! It all started off with a conversation Friday night. I asked my mom if she knew if a new salon was any good. The salon is run by someone my family knows, so we thought we would give it a shot. So, Saturday morning, after sleeping in a little, I called the salon and was able to get an appointment for Noon. When I walked in, I knew I didn’t want the hairstyle that my stylist was sporting (which was not the person who I know that owns the salon), however, I figured that she would be able to give me the style I wanted. I explained to her that I wanted it a little shorter, but just long enough for a small ponytail (for those bad hair days or those days when it’s too hot to leave on my neck) and that I wanted layers so I would have volume. So, with my back to the mirror the entire time (which always makes me nervous), she set to cutting. I noticed a lot of hair coming off, but I’m not a stylist so I figured it was from some of teh longer layers she was cutting up a little to give me more volume. Stephen was being so good playing his video game adn didn’t seem concerned (he’s my little fashion guy and will honestly tell me if something is just ok or looks good šŸ™‚ ). So, when she is done cutting, she starts putting gel in my hair and blow drying. Then I feel her tease the back of my hair (which would normally be good because I always try to tease it just a bit for volume). After some hair spray she asks, “Were you looking for something different when you came in today?” I replied, “A little”. The girl next to me (who was in there for a deep conditioning treatment), says that she loves it! I’m thinking, yeah, I have a cute style! Then I turn around….

This is what I end up with only no where near as cute and much higher in the back and flatter in the front! Now, if you know me, you know I like my hair mostly unassuming. The most I do to my hair is curl it or color it, but I am not a Big Texas Hair kind of girl by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t really liked the stacked look, not for me at least. It’s just not my thing. And of course, as soon as we leave, we have to go by Subway for lunch because I promised Stephen. So, I have to wait till I leave the driveway and then I immediately start brushing through it with my fingers to lay it down, all the while praying that I don’t run into anyone i know at Subway. Get home and take a shower and try to fix it myself, only now it’s too flat! Goodness, this wasn’t going well.
Wake up Sunday morning determined that somehow I am going to make this work. I wash my hair, blow dry it upside down (which I recommend to anyone who wants some extra volume) and take a straightening iron to it. Finally turns out decent. it’s still not what I am used to, but it’s getting easier to do and slowly growing on me.

Busy Weekends
After the haircut fiasco, Saturday was spent moving Stephen’s bunk bed out of the house to my sisters, buying school supplies and watching Despicable me with my son. Such a cute movie and really funny! We didn’t see it in 3D and really, except for the outtakes at the end, there was nothing that stuck out enough to warrant paying $2 extra a piece to see it in 3D. 
Sunday Services

All week, I have been excited about the service on Sunday because of the worship music we were planning. I was right…as Eric would say, it was “OFF DA CHAIN!” I love, love, love it when worship is just so spot on with where I am and just brings me right to the throne!

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