Adventures of a Single Mom, Part 3

23 Jul

I guess you could say that my whole life is an adventure! Being a mom brings all kinds of challenges into a woman’s life. Mine is no exception!

Stephen fell asleep at a rehearsal early this year

This week Stephen has been sleeping on the couch. Last Sunday, dad and TJ took Stephens bunk bed over to TJ’s house for Tex. (Of course, Tex will sleep on the trundle bed until he’s old enough to go up to the bunk.) This left Stephen without a bed for a short while. And since I am redoing his walls this weekend, I figured it would be best to just wait until that is complete before getting him a new bed. So, he’s sleeping on the couch.
Wednesday morning was like any other morning, wake up, go to the restroom, work really hard to open my eyes and then head to wake Stephen up.I walked into the kitchen, which directly opens up into the living room, and turned on the light. As soon as I did, something immediately caught my eye and caused me to freak out. The front door was WIDE open! Now, every night for as long as I have been living outside of my parents house, I have always double checked my doors at night before I go to bed to make sure they are locked. Tuesday night was no exception. But even if I had left the door unlocked, it would not have been standing wide open. So, of course, I panicked. I immediately began searching all the rooms in the house to ensure that no one had come in, then I went back to the living room to wake up Stephen. At this point, I knew he had been sleep walking. I guess he was dreaming about going somewhere or opening the door because someone was knocking. Either way, he must have walked to the door, unlocked it and opened it. Thank God he did not go outside, or at least if he did, thank God he was back in the house on the couch asleep when I got up! If you know where we live, you know that we live on a ton of wooded land. We love our woods! However, I can gladly say that I am extremely grateful that Stephen did not end up outside! We do have wild animals roaming the woods and stray dogs are always walking around our neighborhood. Not to mention the snakes! Needless to say, we are now putting up better locks to keep Stephen inside at night!
As I stated, my life is never dull!

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