God’s Promises

27 Jul

 “I have set my rainbow in the clouds and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”  ~Genesis 9:13

This morning, I saw a rainbow on my way to get coffee before work. I truly think that if I hadn’t taken the exit I had (shortcut to coffee), I would have kept driving on the highway and would have missed this beautiful sight.
Taking a look at my Facebook page this morning, I saw many people commenting on the beautiful rainbows they say this morning, including one who saw a double rainbow. (I am always awed by those.)

Rainbows always make me think of the Scripture listed above. In the early days of the earth, God looked down on His new creation and saw that it was thoroughly corrupt. So much so that God decided to wipe out the earth entirely and start over. But in the middle of all the corruptness, God saw Noah and his family. Noah was a man of God. According to Genesis 6:8, “…Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.” Because of this, God chose to spare Noah and his family. God came to Noah and told him to build an ark (a very big boat). Now, I’m sure that Noah, being human, was thinking that it was a little crazy to be building a huge boat for his family and the animals…after all, they had never seen a flood before; however, what I like about Noah is that he did it anyway…no questions asked (at least according to Scripture), he just built it exactly like God said. I’m also sure that during that time, the townspeople thought Noah was CRAZY with a capital C! But if Noah is anything like I think he is…he spent every opportunity he had to tell them why he was building the ark and what they needed to do to go with him. Of course, because the world was so corrupt and the people thought Noah had lost all his marbles, they didn’t believe him. And so, on the day that the rain started, Noah and his family, along with one male and one female of every creature on the earth, climbed into the ark and shut the doors.
Now, I have this mental picture of what happens next…The rain starts to pour, Noah and his family are safe on the boat and the ground can’t hold anymore water, so it begins to flood. As the people begin to realize that Noah had been telling the truth, I can just imagine them running (or swimming) to the ark’s door and begging for mercy; begging to be let in. Unfortunately they had made their choice and there was no way on the boat.

The Bible says that while the earth was being flooded, the ark floated around the world. It says that after the rain stopped, the ark came to rest on a mountain. Noah then opened a window and sent out a bird. The bird flew back and forth but found no place to rest, so he came back. Then Noah sent out a second bird…same thing happened. Finally Noah sent out one more dove. This time, when the dove came back, it had a fresh olive leaf in it’s beak. This signaled to Noah that there was dry land again and they could get out of the ark. After departing the ark, building an alter and praising God for all He had done for them, the Lord put a rainbow in the sky and told Noah this would be a promise, a covenant between God and man that He would never again flood the earth.

Now, I know the original meaning of the rainbow is that God would not flood the earth again, but it always reminds me that God keeps His promises!

“Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.” ~Joshua 21:45

 Another word of proof that God keeps his promises! So just remember, when the storms of life rage around you and the flood waters rise…God promised He would rescue you and that He would never flood the earth again. He promised that He would never give you more than you can handle
Lean on Him…trust in Him. He’s there for you always!!
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