Growing Up

25 Aug

Stephen starts school Monday! I cannot believe he will be in the fourth grade. Time goes by so fast and before you know it, our kids are heading off to college, then getting married and having kids of their own! Awe man, I really don’t want to think about that!

In some ways I am sad to see Stephen hit this stage in his life. He turns 9 this Friday. I can remember when he was born like it was yesterday. I can remember cleaning diapers and first feedings.

 He’s so big now. He’s tall and skinny. Like most boys, he has a fascination with Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He takes tap dance lessons and is very active in Taekwondo.

He loves video games and funny TV shows. He even loves watching Family Matters, which is a show I watched as a teenager. He’s creative, especially when using Lego’s. He’s funny and keeps me laughing. He still loves to cuddle and spend time together. And I will take that as long as I can. He’s growing up way too fast and I am powerless to stop it.

 My desire for him is that he know God intimately, that he become a man of God and a man of integrity. My prayer is that his life be used to further the Kingdom of God in way even I cannot imagine.

Lord, give my son a heart for You, a desire to serve you and to love you, and a desire to do whatever it is you ask of him. Grant him peace in the hard times, strength in the rough times, grace when he needs it the most, and mercy for others in their times of struggle. Make him humble so You can use him the most.
And Lord, I pray that You give me the strength to train him in the way he should go and strength to let him go when it’s time. I know you will take care of my baby far better than I ever could…after all, He’s not really mine, He’s just mine for a time…he’s Yours forever!

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