If Only You Knew…

01 Sep

“If only you knew the gift God has for you and who I am, you would ask and I would give you living water.” ~John 4:10 (NLT)

There are several things that stand out to me in this Scripture:

If only you knew”
My son, Stephen (9 years old) and I were talking about this the other day. He asked me a question (can’t remember what) that led me to say something about God being bigger than we allow him credit for. Our finite minds cannot even begin to fathom how great and how mighty and how big God really is. So, as a result, we tend to put God in this box in our minds and we think that helps us understand Him and what He wants for our lives. What we do not realize, or are unwilling to face in some cases, is that God is huge! What we do when we place Him in that box is hinder His work in our lives. We could hear, see, do, be, have so many more blessings in our lives if we would take God out of that box and let Him have free reign.

“the gift God has for you”
Because I am a single mother and money is often tight, my son knows not to expect big expensive gifts for birthdays and throughout the year. About the only time I get can afford bigger gifts is at Christmas and that is with some creative rearranging of finances. As adults, we know the struggles to provide for our children and our loved ones and we don’t expect big gifts either because of it. But God wants to give us the biggest gift of all….LIFE!!!! He wants to give us eternal life and all the peace and blessings that come along with it. But, if we don’t go back to #1 and realize how big He is and allow Him to move freely in our lives and allow Him to be that big, we miss out on a lot of those blessings and moments of peace that we could have, instead of the worry we struggle with. Don’t assume that God is sitting in the heavens just watching either. He is actively participating in your life, trying to give you gifts every minute of every day, whether you want Him to or not; whether you are His child or not.

“and who I am”
This is a repeat (in my opinion) of #1. If we let Him be as big as He is, then we will know exactly who He is.

“you would ask”
As human beings, especially in today’s “self-sufficient” society, we tend to rely solely on ourselves and don’t ask for help…from anyone. We stay in our miserable circumstance because we don’t think we can trust anyone to help us out. Admit it. You’ve been there before…you may even be there now. But do you remember the times when you did, for whatever reason, ask someone for help? Didn’t you feel better when the job was done or the decision was made because you had a friend who was willing to listen to you and to help in whatever way they could? But our friends are human…they won’t always be there; they can’t always answer the phone or the text or the email….BUT GOD CAN! God can and does and is willing to help us out. The key to that though is this…. we have to ask. Without asking, God cannot do anything. Stephen asked me the other day why God gives us a choice. My response was simple…because He didn’t want a bunch of robots running around the earth. What kind of a relationship would that be? Instead He gave us the choice to be close to Him, to be His child, to have a relationship with Him, to ask Him for help. He wanted us to want that. So, ask! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“and I would give you living water.”
God wants to give us life. There is a song that I sang years ago that I just love called “Living Water” by Bob Carlisle. The chorus says,

So come Living Water
Flow through me like a river
My heart’s been thirsting so long
Flood through my soul and pour out Your mercy
Come Living Water fill me

That song is a heart cry. It’s asking (do you see the word I used…asking?) for God to send His living water and make it flow through us and fill us. Do you have God’s living water? Do you allow God to be big enough to fill you with His living water?

It’s all about choices. It’s about whether or not you are going to choose to let God be who He is in your life and fill you. It’s a day by day choice…sometimes minute by minute. I know that today, I am asking Him to be who He is in my life. It’s scary because I am human and I don’t necessarily want to give up the things I want, but it’s also exciting thinking about what answers He will give me, where He will lead me, and what blessings He will provide!

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