Have You Forgotten?

10 Sep
Have You Forgotten?
I know I haven’t. I can remember that day as clearly as if it was yesterday. Stephen was exactly two weeks old. My (ex) husband and I were in bed sleeping in a little and if you have ever had a baby, you know just how rare that is at two weeks! I remember that right about 9:00am the phone started ringing and I grabbed it real quick so it wouldn’t wake the baby. It was my mom and she was frantically saying, “Turn on the TV!” “Which channel?”, I asked. “It doesn’t matter, turn on the TV!” I turned on the TV and the only words I could say was, “Oh my God!” I hung up the phone and woke up my husband and we sat in horror as we watched the fire from the first tower. All of a sudden, we saw a plane run right into the second tower. With tears running down my face, all I could do was sit and watch in horror as people were fighting for their lives thousands of miles away. Then there was the footage of the Pentagon crash and the crash in the field of Pennsylvania. It was like that for weeks. The whole world was stunned. 
I remember first being worried for my husband, who was at the time part of one of the divisions of the Marine Corps that are usually the first to deploy in situations such as these. Once we knew he would be staying (they had just returned from six months in Japan), my focus turned to all those thousands of people who were waiting to hear about their loved ones. I would look at my son and pray for them. I couldn’t imagine what they were going through. 
Tomorrow we are coming up on the nine year anniversary of this horrific attack. Recently I read something that spoke of just how much this date in our history has affected people in our country. I wish I could remember where I saw it so I could give you an exact quote, but basically this person stated that, like hundreds of other people who’s birthdays were on September 11th, that it was no longer such a big celebration. It was a sad day…a day of mourning. It’s amazing to think that nine years after an event, people who were born on that day could still have such strong feelings and still not want to celebrate. I feel for them. And I still feel for those who lost loved ones in that tragic day. 
So, on this nine year anniversary of September 11, 2001, let’s Never Forget those who lost their lives in a senseless act, those who valiantly stepped in to help in the aftermath, and those that are STILL fighting because of it.
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  1. Anonymous

    September 12, 2010 at 12:06 am

    I remember, I was at Camp Lejeune, N.C. working at our area. A marine came down and told us what was going on, that a plane had hit one of the towers, we all went up to see the television as the second plane hit. Being the senior man there for my platoon I ordered eveyone back to the barracks. As we arrived, we were told to go to our rooms. Without orders, we all started packing our bags to deploy whereever needed, we had made up our minds that who ever did this was going to pay.


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