To Make God Smile

06 Oct

My whole intent in living here
is to make God smile
~Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor

Wow, what a quote right? Gianna Jessen has it right. Our whole intent in living here should be to make God smile. If we are doing what it is he asks of us and if we have a daily relationship with him, we will make God smile.

Think about it like this…our kids make us smile every day. When our children obey us, we smile! (Well, more accurately, we send up a quiet WHOOP! because they FINALLY did what we asked.) When our children are happy and laughing and joking around, we smile! When our children are praising God during worship service or saying a prayer that touches our hearts, we smile! When they are sleeping peacefully, without a care in the world, snuggled up to that raggedy teddy bear, we smile!

The same goes for God. We are his children and He smiles down on us.

1 Peter 2:19(a)
For God is pleased with you when you do what you know is right

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