What is Your Temperament?

21 Oct

Our church is a new work. We are made up of people who unfortunately had to split from an old church and feel a call from God to start this new work. And as such, we are doing things differently. Instead of doing religion, we are going to do things the way God states to do them in Scripture. Because of this, we need to know some basics about each member of the church so we can know where each member will best be able to serve God. To do this, we will be doing temperament tests, spiritual gifts tests, and motivational gifts tests. Combining the results from all three will give each person a better understanding of themselves and a better understanding of where God would want them to serve in the church.

So, being the type of student who likes to get a little bit ahead, I took a temperament test already. You see, this last year or two has been a lot about introspection for me. Figuring out exactly who I am, why I do or think or say the things I do and how to be a better person with God’s help.

I found out that I am a Melancholy Temperament.

This is what it says at

If you have been blessed with the temperament known as Melancholy, it may take some research to discover the advantages of this interesting nature.

Look! It called me interesting!!

The Melancholy mind is always turning, always thinking. There is a tremendous amount of energy expended in this thought process. If the though process i channeled along positive paths, incredible and wonderful results can blossom.

WOOHOO! That’s good to hear.

However, if this powerful thinking engine gets to work on considering how wrong things are, how it can be treated unfairly, the consequences can be unfortunate. As their thoughts spin downward, so does their mood, their self-esteem, and their outlook on life.

Well, that explains why I am such a pessimist…

The good news is that a spirit-filled Melancholy is a marvel to behold. When they learn to channel their powerful thought processes in harmony with the Spirit, wonderful things happen.


No other temperament is as likely to produce profound genius as the Melancholy.

Ok, I like the sound of this!!

A Melancholy in control is a very independently minded person.

That’s soooo me…

On the surface a Melancholy in Control will always try to appear calm, competent and in complete control. This mask is used to cover up any self-doubt or perceived inadequacies. Melancholies have a great fear of being wrong or making a mistake.


Very few people will become close to a Melancholy in Affection, but those that do will find themselves with a fiercely loyal and faithful friend.

Highly distrustful, many Melancholies simply avoid entering into close relationships in order to avoid future pain.

Well, that explains a lot to me about why I don’t have a lot of close friends.

Above and Beyond Counseling Ministries says

The pure Melancholy for example is an introvert and a loner. God does not make mistakes when he makes us, and it is ok to be a Melancholy when you are living out of your strengths and not the weaknesses.

Melancholies are very family oriented individuals, and are closely bonded to those within the family unit.

If you know me, you know how very true this is.

melancholies tend to be perfectionists and set unreasonable standards and goals for themselves and the people around them. they are very private people, as well as very serious.

Some words listed in this article to describe a Melancholy:

introvert, loner, great thinker, very artistic and creative, extremely moody, develop habits that are hard to break, low self-esteem, pessimistic, good at decisions and responsibilities in known areas, sensitive to failure, apt to procrastinate, loyal and self-sacrificing, they easily empathize with others and have the ability to make very deep commitments, they dissect the past, the loss of a deep relationship is devastating to them

You know, there is something freeing in knowing your temperamental style. I have always known that I tend to be this way, but have never understood why and it’s frustrated me. Now that I know there are only a handful of temperaments and which one I am, it’s freeing to know that God made me this way because when I operate out of those strengths, I will succeed. When I am operating out of the weaknesses, He meant for me to run to Him. I pray that I can start making changes based on what I know now.

And hey, it said I was genius-prone!! Who knew right??


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2 responses to “What is Your Temperament?

  1. floyd

    October 21, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    Wow, at least I know what to call myself now. I can’t say you’re in good company, but at least you’re in some company. By the way I did know a little of this about you just by reading your post. Thanks for the info.

  2. Marina DelVecchio

    October 25, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Love this post. As much as I critique the world around me, I am usually the first person I begin with. It sets the pace for the day.

    Going on now to see who I am. I am a loner myself, and I have to say, it’s a nice way to be.


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