04 Nov

Since I did my post on condemnation, I have noticed that a lot of the blogs I read are focusing on condemnation, guilt, and redemption. I was reading a new blog today over at Faith Barista, and one of things she said was

One of the reasons it’s hard to let go of our guilty feelings is that it feels safe.We are our own boss and we can solve our own guilt. We can pay for our mistakes or live with them and owe nothing to no one.

She hit the nail right on the proverbial head didn’t she? Somehow, for some very odd reason, we think we are better off living in that guilt. I do this…all the time. Yet, when I really stop and think about it, I am amazed at how stupid it really is, yet my first instinct is to live in the guilt!

Kristine McGuire, over at Kristine Remixed, states

There is nothing easier than throwing our own past sins in our face and leaving us to sink in the quicksand of our guilt, but that is not what God desires for us. HE wants us to live in grace, reaching out to others to show them the way to freedom in Christ.

Isn’t it amazing how easy God makes grace and forgiveness, yet how utterly hard we make it on ourselves? We live in condemnation continually and yet God offers grace and forgiveness so freely. Then, when we do ask for His forgiveness, we refuse to accept that He threw it as far as the east is from the west. Instead, we feel we have to work it out ourselves. No where in Scripture does God tell us that He won’t forgive us until we work it off. We are not told to flog ourselves with a whip or a stick every time we sin. We aren’t ordered to go and do something for someone else to make up for what we have done. We are simply told to COME


This is such a hard concept for me. For years and years I have been living in the chains of guilt, condemnation, bitterness, etc. I have been living in the past. And somehow I felt “safe” there. Though really, when you look down deep, I don’t feel safe at all! My nature wants to say that I am unworthy and not worth forgiveness, that I have to keep working to be accepted and forgiven by God. But oh how wrong I am! And praise God for that! So now, I am working hard to allow myself to feel that grace and forgiveness, to be set free from the chains of condemnation that hold me down. I encourage you to seek out the Scriptures on this and see just how much God loves you!!



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  1. floyd

    November 4, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    I agree 100%, the problem for people like me is, I have to remember my past failings in order to use wisdom to not keep making the same mistakes over and over. Then again I’m a little on the dull side!
    Great post, Great heart.
    Thanks Floyd

  2. Marina DelVecchio

    November 8, 2010 at 10:45 am

    April, I live with guilt every day of my life. My childhood was tainted by the adults around me, and despite that, I maneuvered my life in very pure and clean waters simply because I did not want to have my mother’s life. But since becoming a mother, I fail every day, and aside from anger with myself, I live with guilt because my behavior affects my kids. Guilt does not make me feel safe. Guilt drowns me in despair and self-loathing.

    Not what I usually write about, but it’s nice to come here and let it out. Great post.


    • apesydaisy

      November 8, 2010 at 10:51 am

      Marina, I am glad, and grateful, that you were able to see and comment on something you are dealing with as well. I appreciate that you continue to read my blog and hope that I can continue to touch your life as well as others while being honest with myself and about myself.


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